Thursday, June 25, 2009

The History of Beer Trip

Beer Trip was started in the summer of 2005. Dan, a professional beer writer, decided to take a trip to see his friends in Wisconsin. On his drive there he was going to stop at various breweries and brewpubs along the way. He posted his plans in a blog he used to write and a reader and co-worker, Tim, asked to tag along. This trip took the two of them through IA, MN, WI, and IL. The first trip was small and basic. After that trip though, it was decided to make it an annual event.

The next trip doubled the number of participants, adding Andy and Jerry. This trip marked the debut of the EM-50 UAV, the RV that gave them more room for people and beer to bring home. This trip took them through KS, CO, WY, and NE.

After BT II, they couldn't wait an entire year for another one. A small, two day trip was added. Dubbed Beer Trip 2.5, Dan, Andy, and Tim went up through NE, IA, and ND and back in two days.

Beer Trip III added even more to the group. Still including Dan, Tim, Andy, and Jerry, Kelly and Ed joined in. This trip was the biggest yet, going through MO, IL, IN, OH, MI, IL, and IA and hitting a total of 20 breweries and brewpubs.

Beer Trip 3.5 included the same group and went through MO and AR hitting 6 breweries and brewpubs.

Beer Trip IV was a change of pace. It was decided that Portland had to be hit. Instead of using the EM-50 and road tripping it, Dan, Tim, Andy, Kelly and two new participants, Don and Rob flew out west. This trip, besides Portland, included WA, other cities in OR, and even one in the Denver airport.

Beer Trip 4.5 brought the EM-50 back and had Dan, Tim, Andy, Kelly, Rob and the return of Ed, along with newcomer Adam. This took them through KS and OK.

Beer Trip V is upcoming this July and will be following a similar route as BT I, hitting different places for the most part.

More details on each trip, including the breweries visited, will be in future posts.


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