Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Beer Trips Thoughts

I was thinking about Beer Trip, and some random thoughts were in my head:

We’ve been to a brewery/brewpub that starts with every letter of the alphabet except Q, X, Y, and Z, and that is something we have to work at.

Holy crap was I sick during the beginning of Beer Trip III (pun intended)!

Pictures of Timmy and statues make me giggle.

The morning of Day Two is always, without a doubt, the worst morning of the trip, especially for me. I believe I have thrown up on every morning of Day Two.

Ed is always the most popular guy among the BT crew during Beer Trip.

Kelly is always the most popular guy to those outside of the BT crew during Beer Trip. He is the “Guv’nuh of Michigan” to those in the know.

Seeing Jerry drunk on Beer Trip is one of the best things you will ever witness (see: Beer Trip II Day One postings).

Beer Trip experiences have almost made Andy cry on more than one occasion, but most notably New Belgium.

The RV only got in one wreck (which will be discussed later in a future blog).

We’ve met some really great people in the “industry of beer” during our Beer Trips, including Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog, Russ Melton of Diamond Bear, tour guide Matt at New Belgium, Bryan Wiggs of Arcadia (now at Dark Horse), the brewer at Capital who gave Timmy and I the Oktoberfest and Double Oktoberfest, Eric Marshall of Marshall Brewing, Mike Lalli of Choc, Hank and Steve Sanford of Hank is Wiser, Gerald Wyman of Liquid Bread, the brewers at Great Divide who gave us a case of low-fills/high-fills, the brewer at Jobber’s Canyon who gave us a round on him, the manager on duty at Great Lakes who gave us a banner, bottle openers, stickers, key chains, and a couple of pitchers and told us not to hurry after they closed down the rest of the brewpub for the night, and the Michigan Brewing Company brewer who gave us a case of low-filled pumpkin beers (loved especially by Ed). Comment, guys, if I’ve forgotten anyone.

There are also some really big tools at some of the places as well. This isn’t a site to slam places, but one quote we all enjoyed was “We like the beer we brew!” arrogantly said by the owner of a certain place, who also had a Mercedes 500sl with a license plate bracket that read, “My other car is….who the hell cares!” on it. The thing is, their beer was drinkable at best.

You’d never know it, but some of the best beer we’ve had was from places like Little Rock, Kearney, and Hays.

Beer Trip was the best idea I’ve ever come up with.


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