Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Roof Poem by Ed

She drives like a car but her roof is tall,
that's when the plastic started to fall.
The skylights, the rails, the cabin AC,
freon blowing about precariously.
What had happened, what could it have been?
We are now wedged under the awning of the 5 star Country Inn,
Gasps of guests, 17 year old girls laugh'in
and the infamous quote "dude, that just happened".

Trying to keep Jerry from coming apart,
Kelly is off to the local Walmart.
Tape and plastic wrap to hold her together,
no one would expect the the grand finale of weather.

Before that story there is more to this tale,
stories of porters, stouts and India pale ales.
Awesome places like Arcadia, Michigan Brewing,
3 Floyd's and O'Fallon.
Could it all be ruined by this set back, this challenge?
The solution was easy to get Jerry back on track,
fill him with beer, no less than a 6 pack.

The trip will continue, we will carry on,
free from the burden of sky lights, the AC gone.
The temp it climbed in the last couple days,
sun blazing down its unmerciful rays.

As we continued to more and more places,
the smiles started to return to our faces.
Forgotten were the problems of the Country Inn,
sticking our heads out where skylights had been.

In the final miles the storm let loose its fury,
we tried to unload the RV in a hurry.
To wrap this up the trip was nifty,
the beer trip when Jerry tried to
make a convertible out of the EM-50.

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