Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beer Trip Crew Update - 09.10.09

Sorry for the lack of updates. Blame in on our post Beer Trip V hangover, if you will. Right now, nothing has been set yet for Beer Trips 5.5 and VI, but right now the thoughts are that we will be heading up to Chicago for 5.5 (Goose Island Brewing Company) and over to the east coast (primarily Delaware for Dogfish Head Brewing Company) for VI.

As for the last month, some of us have made some visits to some of the local brewpubs. 75th Street Brewing Company recently celebrated their 16th Anniversary, and had some solid beers on tap for the occasion, including a wheat wine which was available in 750ml bottles to bring home. I picked up a couple of those. Free State Brewing Company also has some nice seasonals on available, including Big Sea E.S.B which I now have on tap in my kegerator. Also, Free State is brewing at their new production facility in east Lawrence that I got to check out last week. While it’s not quite ready for public tours at this time, I did get to go there and meet with the brewers Steve, Geoff, Kevin, and Luke, Chef Rick, and owner Chuck, all who were very hospitable. I have also visited Boulevard Brewing Company twice, and spent time with some of the brewers and John from their Smokestack Series. There should be a couple of new seasonal Smokestack releases this year, which are terrific. Believe me.

Some possible trips that we might take in the next few months include a return trip to Surly Brewing Company for Darkness Day in October. Another possible destination is the Midwest Beerfest in Wichita, also in October. And because of my beer writing job, a visit to many of the Kansas brewpubs and breweries is a likelihood. If I’m lucky, that is. Should be a nice fall.

That is where we’re at right now. Stay tuned, as Tim should be posting about Beer Trip 4.5 soon. Cheers!


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  1. If you're in the Chicago area, Villa Park to be exact, make sure to stop in at Lunar Brewing.