Monday, April 12, 2010

World Beer Cup and Beer Trip

This past weekend, the 2010 World Beer Cup took place. The World Beer Cup is an event that takes place every other year, and this year’s event had 642 breweries competing in 90 different style categories. I didn’t attend, nor do I even know much about how the event is done. Honestly, it’s not that important to me. The Great American Beer Festival I know a lot more about, mainly because it’s every year, but also because I know people who’ve attended, volunteered, and worked the event. Plus I’ve seen TV shows about it too. Seems like a cool event, although I’m not 100% that it is something for me. I would love to attend it, but I think the large crowd might take me out of it a bit. Probably why I like Beer Trip so much, since there I can actually sit around and talk to brewers and brewery owners for awhile and not have people pushing me around trying to score a two-ounce sample of an organic raspberry wheat beer from Modesto. But I don’t know. I do hope to go sometime. I just think I’d be disappointed.

The thing I like most about these competitions though is that several of the brewpubs and breweries that we’ve visited take part in it and have won. I get really excited about this fact, probably more than I should admit to. The first thing I check is to see how some of my favorite breweries did. The 2010 World Beer Cup was really good in my opinion because a lot of my favorite places did well. Twenty of the places we’ve visited over the five Beer Trips and four “Point-Five” Beer Trips won medals, and that’s pretty awesome. I even think it’s cool that Miller Brewing Company won something since we visited them on Beer Trip I, although I do get much more excited when places like Gella’s Diner and Liquid Bread Brewing Company in Hays, KS, Choc Beer Company out of Krebs, OK, Goose Island Beer Company from Chicago, and Great Divide Brewing Company of Denver win because those places have really treated us well when we visited them. And our friend Drew is a brewer for Saint Louis Brewing Company (a.k.a. Schlafly), so I was happy to see them win for their Kolsch.

There are an additional eleven breweries I’ve visited while not on a Beer Trip that won as well. Local-to-me brewers Boulevard out of KCMO and Blind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant out of Topeka (or is it Google now?) also were recognized which I think is great for the local beer scene. There is a local brewers’ festival coming up in a couple of weeks on April 24th in Parkville, MO, although due to another commitment I can’t make it. It should be a good place for people to check out the beers that local places have to offer. Just a suggestion, though. You do what you want, even if it’s having a Miller Lite at a local sports bar. Because we checked them out on Beer Trip, so it’s good with me.



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