Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beer Trip 6.5-Urban Chestnut

After a great first day of Beer Trip 6.5 we wake up, and get a free breakfast with the local white pride contingent staying at the same hotel. A classy group from the flannel Halloween jammies all the way up to his WHITE PRIDE tat on the back of his neck.
We have an hour and half drive in front of us, so we get rolling as we need to be in the Lou by 10:30 to meet Florian the Head Brewmaster at Urban Chestnut. We get there a touch early which is our style on the first stop of the day for us, and shortly after Florian shows up. We say hello and he graciously invites us in. (Florian’s greeting was the complete opposite of how Crown Valley greeted us.) Now we’ve been to well over a 100 different breweries in the past 6 years and only a few have made me stop and take it all in. Surly with their space and their potential for growth at the time, not to mention Todd and Beaner standing there waiting to give us some beer was quite cool. Standing on the fermenters outside of New Belgium was more than amazing and Urban Chestnut gave me the same feeling, with tons of brand new Stainless Steel equipment that reached up, but couldn’t quite touch the very high, arched, cathedral type wood ceiling, along with shiny black piping made for a nice accent. It was rustic, but with a cool modern charm to it. Sometimes walking into a place for the first time you just get that wow feeling and this was one of those times for me.

Florian showed us around and told us their plan moving forward, as they had only been open a few weeks when we stopped in. We go into the tap room where Chris started pouring us beer. First up was the Winged Nut, a Bavarian Wheat Beer brewed with chestnuts. According to Florian, many bier gardens in Germany are shaded by chestnut trees, hence the name of the brewery and the inspiration for this beer. We continued to sample beers, which were all very well made. You can just tell when somebody truly cares how well made their beers are and that came through with all of the beers we sampled. My favorite was the Hopfen, a Bavarian IPA.

As we were hanging out enjoying our samples, David Wolfe, Florian's business partner in this new brewery showed up. He was a really nice guy and told us a little more about what they want to accomplish with their brewery. These two guys very much fit the mold of laid back lovers of well made beers and getting it out into the community that they live in.

As what has become tradition, starting with Omar from Surly, we had the guys who have treated us so well place their brewery sticker on the back of the EM-50. If you are ever in St. Louis and you need a beer, my suggestion is look these guys up and have a few. From their logo’s to the beer, to the cool urban setting, you can’t go wrong here.

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