Friday, May 13, 2011

Beer Trip 6.5 - Broadway Brewing Company

The last stop on Beer Trip 6.5 was Broadway Brewery in Columbia, Missouri. We were supposed to go straight to Tin Mill Brewery in Hermann, Missouri, after Schlafly, but because Troika, James, and company treated us so well, we ended up staying at Schlafly about two hours longer than we expected as Tim stated. So Tin Mill was out, and on to Columbia we went to have dinner before calling it a Beer Trip.

When we got to Columbia, the Gods must have known that we were from Kansas and I was a KU alum, as it suddenly started to pour (which is why we have no pics since Tim didn’t want to have his camera out in the rain). Kelly was driving, and he was being a sweet heart, so he dropped us off at the front so we could stay dry. It was a good thing he did this too, as Broadway was packed. There weren’t a lot of tables there, as the place is kinda small, and there was a party or two going on. Luckily, we arrived before a lot of other people showed up, so we were seated by the time Kelly made it in (although it took him awhile to find a spot). We were greeted pretty quickly, and I wasn’t sure if it was because they were busy and they wanted to turn over the tables as quickly or because we were probably underdressed for the place. It was a pretty nice place, and not a fancy place, but a place that was a lot nicer than most brewpubs.

Their beer list was pretty solid, as they had about seven or eight of their beers on tap, plus guest taps from great places like Bell’s. Two of the beers that they had were an Imperial Stout and an Imperial IPA. A couple of us ordered some of those, and we passed them around the table. They were both pretty tasty. The other guys ordered some of their standard beers, including their ESB and Altbier. These beers were also really good, especially for their style.
As is the case with most Beer Trip last stops, most of us weren’t hungry and some were ready to head home (Nebraska Brewing Company on BT VI being the major exception, as I don’t think any of us wanted to leave ever there). I ordered a burger (very good), while others ordered some of their appetizers. Especially popular was their Peasant Platter, which consisted of cheeses, fruit, vegetables, and toast. The soup of the day was a beer cheese soup, and a couple of guys ordered that and commented about how liked it as well.

We hung out for a little over an hour, and it was a really good place. If it wasn’t the last stop of Beer Trip and the fact that we were all pretty worn out, we probably would have hung out longer and tried more of their beers. Everything was terrific, and it wasn’t two hours from home, I’d have been back there already. Definitely a place to stop at if in the area or if you need a break from all the fireworks and porn shops while traveling on I-70 (and yes, I know I beat that to death, but really, how can I not?).

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